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Laser doux : Soft tissue injuries upon sport activities and traffic accidents - treatment with low-level laser therapy : a multicenter, double- blind, placebo-controlled clinical study on 132 patients
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Zlatko Simunovic, M.D., F.M.H. (1), Tatjana Trobonjaca, M.D. (2) (1)

Pain Clinic-Laser Center, Locarno, Switzerland; (2) 2 Laser Center, Opatija, Croatia. (3)

SPIE proceedings series 

Laser Florence'99. Conference, Florence , ITALIE (28/10/1999), 2000, vol. 4166, pp. 286-293, [Note(s) : XII, 328 p., ] (19 ref.) ISBN 0-8194-3822-7

The aim of current multicenter clinical study was to assess to efficacy of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) in the treatment of sport- and traffic-related soft tissue injuries compared to the placebo and classical physiotherapeutic procedures. This study was conducted in two centers located in Locarno, Switzerland (n=94) and Opatija, Croatia (n=38). Two types of irradiation techniques were used: (1) direct, skin contact technique for treatment of Trigger Points (TPs) where infrared diode laser (GaAIAs) 830 nm continuous wave was applied; and (2) scanning technique for irradiation of larger surface area with use of Helium Neon (HeNe) laser 632.8 nm combined with infrared diode laser 904 nm pulsed wave. Control group of patients was treated with classical physiotherapeutic procedures. Results were evaluated according to the clinical parameters like: hematoma, edema, heat, pain and loss of function. All findings were scored and statistically analyzed according to the chi-square test. The results have demonstrated that the recovery process was accelerated (35-50%) in 85% of patients treated with LLLT compared to the control group of patients, what is especially important by professional athletes. The advantages of LLLT observed in this study appear to be efficient withdrawal of all clinical symptoms, functional recovery, no risks or side effects, painlessness, good toleration by any age and sex, cost benefit, etc. The results and advantages obtained proved once again the efficacy of LLLT as new as successful way in the treatment of soft tissue injuries.

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